Return to Castle Wolfenstein:

Ran with "wolfmp +set sv_cheats 1". Used s_initsound 0, snd_restart, timedemo 1, demo checkpoint. Set r_ext_compressed_textures to 0 in wolfconfig_mp.cfg. Ran each resolution 2x and recorded the highest score.


SiS, Rage 128, and both Savage cards didn't manage to run the checkpoint demo. The IBM SR9 (Savage 4 eXtreme) ran single player RTCW without problems. The crash with this card might be related solely to the checkpoint demo.

Unreal Tournament:

Launched the game, brought up the console, typed "timedemo 1". Waited for the second intro flyby to complete then marked down the second score.


The SiS 305 and Speedstar a90 had problems again. Rage 128 seemed fine at 640x480 but would die at higher resolutions.


Draw your own... IMHO, the Voodoo 5, Matrox G400, Radeons, and Savage 4 eXtreme seem quite reasonable options for a Linux desktop.