This is a dumping ground for the various patches and bug fixes I've submitted to Debian. If you would like to see which patches have been RECENTLY applied search Debian-Devel-Change via Lists.Debian.Org for changelog entries.

I am currently maintaining the Castle-Combat, XMMS-Goom, XMMS-Bumpscope, XMMS-Jess, and XMMS-Synaesthesia packages in Debian and going through the new maintainer process. If you have any comments or questions about the items listed here, drop me a line at:

17 Jun 2004 - Fixed #254688 in Crystalspace.

15 Jun 2004 - Tracked down a fix for #251864 in doxygen-gui.

13 Jun 2004 - My work on packaging the current DRI CVS seems to be fairly stable now (though there are plenty of issues with the DRI CVS code itself.) It's located here if anyone is interested in a packaged version for Debian Sid that's fairly current. Also looked at the RC bug list today and fixed #248818 in Crystalspace and #242807 in htdig.

02 Jun 2004 - Long time since I've updated this page. Some of the things I've been working on include: (1) I've implimented two different single-player modes for castle-combat. The more interesting one is a versus mode where a human player competes with a computer opponent. This is well along but getting the computer to place blocks in a competent way is more difficult than I was expecting. (2) I've switched over from using a Nvidia video card to using a Radeon 8500, and as a result I've spent a great deal of time working with Daenzer's dri-trunk-sid packages. I have a fork of his packages that builds using recent versions of the DRI CVS (his last version is from Febuary), and I've added a patch to make Savage playable with the DRI drivers. I'll put them online here if anyone wants a copy of the minor changes I've made. (3) I've gone through and updated xmms-goom and xmms-jess to take care of the minor issues that were raised during the NM review. Upstream goom development is still ongoing and they're working on a version that seperates the visualization routines into a library for use with XMMS, Xine, Mplayer, etc. I haven't done a whole lot to try and package this version for Debian, but I'll work on it when I get a chance. (4) I've been trying to get recent 2.4 and 2.6 kernels workign with my PWS 500a Alpha box with no success. (5) Work... Gotta pay the bills, right.

17 Apr 2004 - While playing around with the mesademos package I noticed that it contains a photo of Cindy Crawford taken from a swimsuit calendar and does not mention the terms under which that photo is being used. Filed bug #244190 requesting clarification. I've also been working on an AI for Castle-Combat. So far I've set up the menus, finished one type of single player game where tanks try to destroy the castles, and coded castle selection and cannon placement for a vs mode. I've also reported a bug against dri-trunk-sid that causes S2Games Savage to crash while starting up. Unfortunately I don't know enough abolut DRI to come up with a proper fix.

12 Mar 2004 - Tracked down and fixed #232903 in pan.

03 Feb 2004 - Fixed bug #227691 in modconf.

19 Jan 2004 - Tried the new debian-installer on a DEC Alpha Personal Workstation 500a. This machine has consistent problems with 2.4.x kernels and unfortunately the Sarge installer results in more of the same. Filed an installation report detailing the problem. I must admit, the new Debian installer is a major improvement.

08 Jan 2004 - I've been working to adopt the castle-combat package, fixing a few bugs that cause problems on PPC and Alpha systems.

26 Dec 2003 - Fixed a similar issue, #198905, in ThoughtTracker.

24 Dec 2003 - Redid the LGeneral fix.

01 Dec 2003 - Updated xmms-goom, xmms-jess, and xmms-synaesthesia to run properly on Alpha systems. Also fixed #214296 in LGeneral, and #206816 in Xine-UI.

18 Nov 2003 - Read some discussion on Debian-QA about Pose being the last package that depends on libfltk1. Put together a patch to get it compiling with libfltk1.1 and g++ 3.3. Sent direct to package maintainer. Turns out it still has problems....

17 Nov 2003 - Fixed a simple g++ 3.3 bug, #218927, in Exult.

16 Nov 2003 - Haven't updated this list in quite a while. I've taken over maintaining XMMS-Goom, XMMS-Jess, XMMS-Bumpscope, and XMMS-Synaesthesia. Jochen Friedrich gave guidance on cleaning up the packages and sponsored the uploads. XMMS-Goom in particular was a bitch since the upstream version half supported non-x86 architectures. David Karlsen, Bob Proulx and Chris Jantzen helped get this package compiling on all archs by testing it on Alpha and ia64 machines.

Prior to that, I worked on adopting the Rocks-n-Diamonds package. Copyright problems with much of the content in Rocks-n-Diamonds prompted me to drop the effort.

01 Aug 2003 - Filed bug #203828 against Madbomber and submitted a patch. The game doesn't hide the mouse cursor while playing. Minor, but distracting.

23 Jul 2003 - Fixed #201854 in Galeon.

21 Jul 2003 - Fixed bug #201811 in Galeon.

14 Jul 2003 - Waiting on the next Galeon upload to work it's way through the mirrors. Went ahead and fixed TuxEyes (bug #198545) by patching it to compile with QT3 and G++ 3.3.

09 Jul 2003 - Fixed two more bugs in Galeon that were listed as four different ones (#174880, #187126, #192177, and #197015.) Basicly, URL encoding wasn't being done on the input to smart bookmarks, and the default bookmark file needed an update to work with UTF-8 character sets.

08 Jul 2003 - Fixed #197135 in Galeon, an interesting bug where events were arriving for a window after it had been destroyed. You have to love how crypticly uninformative GTK is when these things happen. :)

07 Jul 2003 - Tracked #187875 in Galeon back to a problem with bonobo-activation when called by Yelp. After identifying the bug and following it through three packages I'm going to punt and see what bonobo-activation's maintainer thinks. I came up with a work-around for galeon for the time being.

03 Jul 2003 - After reading a call for help on the WNPP list I've started going through the 166 bugs listed for Galeon. Today I submitted a patch for #189993 a problem with the print dialogs, and #197391 a minor UI issue with alerts.

19 Jun 2003 - Traced a segfault in Dia back to a small problem in it's Norwegian translation fixing bug #190845.

13 Jun 2003 - Spent several hours tracking down #188121 in XMMS-CDread.

08 Jun 2003 - Fixed two more multiline string errors, #196655 in Camstream, and #196427 in Mp3info.

06 Jun 2003 - Fixed two simple multiline string errors, #195058 in Tree and #196313 in Xdkcal, then ported Gmod to g++ 3.3 and QT3 fixing bug #189726.

05 Jun 2003 - Fixed #194859, another simple multiline string bug in Amap. Also fixed #195513, a more complex g++ 3.3 FTBFS bug in Aprsd.

04 Jun 2003 - Fixed #194992, a multiline string bug in Modeline. Came up with a possible fix for #189969 an Alpha FTBFS error in Pingus and fixed some unreported gcc 3.3 errors while working on it.

03 Jun 2003 - Fixed #194876 in CDCover, #195221 in Bnetd, and #195194 in BL. All are trivial gcc/g++ 3.3 build errors.

28 May 2003 - Ported Kmatplot to g++ 3.3 and QT 3.1. This should fix bugs #146532, #167219, #180953, and #184028.

27 May 2003 - Fixed #193067, a simple g++ error in Rust, and #192189, a slightly more complex g++ error in Luxman.

20 May 2003 - Fixed #192042, a trivial RC bug in Waili. Also fixed #190786 in Utalk. These gcc/g++ RC bugs are very simple.

18 May 2003 - Fixed bug #192188, a little gcc error in Lincity. Also fixed #189876, a gcc error in Gtkballs.

15 May 2003 - Took a look at the Audacity package and came up with work-arounds for bugs #150654 and #188808. Also noticed that bug #189284 is probably 2 seperate problems: wxConfig doesn't parse the given .mailcap correctly (a libwxgtk problem), and audacity segfaults on MP3 export under a variety of circumstances (an audacity problem.) I'll take a closer look at the ExportMP3() function later.

12 May 2003 - Went through the Grip package over the weekend and fixed three more bugs (#139145, #155180, and #179878) A detailed explanation is attached to the patch I submitted. Added a comment that #98077 appears to be fixed in the current version.

03 May 2003 - Decided to fix another old bug #20716 in Giflib since I've already looked at this package closely. With the help of KHexEdit I was able to see exactly what was going wrong. A simple, one line, fix was possible, but I noticed that the way the code was written could cause a wide variety of different problems with GIFs that use uncommon Extensions. Ended up with a 400 line diff for a good fix.

01 May 2003 - Looking through a list of "grave" bugs I decided to take a look at #159165 in MQ3 (can't select any files to play.) Fired it up and ran straight into the same problem. After experimenting a bit I figured out that the UI is simply have to add a collection then select the collection that you just added. Reduced the bug severity to "wishlist" and noted that it wasn't worth patching since upstream is aparently dead and this package only exists in Debian Stable.

30 Apr 2003 - Things I've worked on already include:

- #187686 Grip
- #147494 Kiconedit
- #137135 Kdevelop
- #112607 Guitar
- #49431 Giflib-bin
- #20715 Giftrans

Prior to understanding the BTS I submitted Patches to Eroaster (UI Problems) and Lmemory (SegFaults) which are unfortunately not listed on the BTS.