Update 09 Jan 05 - If you're still using this version of kde-update-menu with Debian Stable, please revert back to the original Debian version and restore your /usr/share/applnk directory. You will likely have problems when upgrading to Debian Sarge with KDE3 if you are using the version on this website.

Update 29 Apr 03 - The images showing the changes between the original Debian kde-update-menu and my version were unfortunately lost when my old server was pilfered from its colo site. I've put the custom kde-update-menu script here but I wouldn't really recommend messing with it without taking a close look at how the current version works. If you absolutely positively want to try it out, back up your /usr/share/applnk directory, replace /usr/bin/kde-update-menu with my script and run "update-menus" while logged in as root.

In response to a request on Debian Community I sat down and took a look at how "update-menus" works in Debian. After a bit of trial and error I've worked up a replacement to /etc/kde2/kde-update-menu.sh which I believe improves the usability of the KDE menu's dramatically by eliminating the "Debian" sub-menu's off of the main KDE sub-menus. There are still some issues to be worked out before I would feel confident in suggesting anyone who isn't familiar with the Debian menu system starts using my replacement script. (1) It's quite slow in comparison to the original kde-update-menu.sh. On my machine the original takes about 2 seconds to complete, and my replacement takes about 10 seconds to complete. (2) What to do with "Educational" programs is a bit of a quandary. In Debian, Educational programs install to K->Applications, K->Applications->Educational, and K->Games->Debian->Educational. The simplest solution is to dump them all into K->Applications, but the directory is poorly named for this purpose. I could have it rename K->Applications to K->Educational, but this might screw something else up. (3) The script is intended to let you choose from among several menu styles, including the current Debian menu style. I need to play around with this code a bit more.

Anyway, here's a few screen shots so you can see how it ends up looking. If this looks like an improvement over the current menu system to you, please drop me a note of encouragement either through email or on Debian Community.

Original Menus

New Menus