ZPong is a simple example of ZEngine, a C++ SDL wrapper library, in action.
My intention in writing this program was to gain a better understanding of how ZEngine
works, and what shortcomings are readily evident. The ZPong source code is licensed
to you under the same terms as ZEngine itself. (Simply put, do what you want with it, but
bear in mind that the underlying SDL libraries are LGPL'd.) The ZPong tar.gz file
contains an Ogg Vorbis encoding of NSA's "Jan and Ted", used under the terms of the
EFF's Open Audio License. For more music by NSA visit http://www.virtualrecordings.com/

13 Jan 03 - v0.01 - Plays music, game works, no menus, no intro, no exit screen.

Zpong was created using: KDevelop, Audacity, and The Gimp, on Debian GNU/Linux.